queeret // a global community for queer introverts
A global community for queer introverts.

how to get involved with queeret

there are three ways to get involved with queeret - all based on the time commitment you’d like to make. help us spread quiet far and wide.


how can i get involved?

if you’re inwardly excited about creating spaces for queer introverts, there are three ways to get involved.

each opportunity is based on how introverted you (really) are. because we get it.

  1. glorious solitude: become a queeret social media advocate

  2. take a peek: volunteer your time & talent by being a queeret co-founder

  3. borderline ambivert: host a queeret gathering in your city

read more about these opportunities below.

  1. queeret social media advocate

if you’re excited about bringing together queer introverts, but prefer less face time, we’d love for you to spread the word on your social media channels. here’s what you can do:

  • follow @queerintroverts on Instagram and Twitter

  • when you see one of our posts you resonate with, tag a friend you think might resonate with queer introverts

  • re-post/like/re-tweet our post or tweet

  • let us know if there’s a particular person we should be following

  • our ask: take one of the actions above, at least 3 times per week. tweet behind closed doors.

2. become a queeret co-founder

we're looking for 10 people who may not want to be front and center, but are eager to offer their gifts for bring together queer introverts:

becoming a queeret co-founder might be for you if...

  • you're open to dedicating 2-3 hours per week to help grow the queeret community

  • you have experience spreading the word via social media, email marketing, or managing online communities

  • you have an entrepreneurial mind and work-ethic: executing ideas is just as important as generating them.

  • you're looking for a way to volunteer with and for the queer community

  • you have experience as a graphic designer, video editor, or online content creator

  • you have a way with words and would like to contribute twice a month to our blog

  • bringing diverse queer people together is meaningful to you!

  • you are eager to be part of a team of introverted/queer/creative/do-ers

we’ll add your name to our “About” page — just send us your name and a photo you’d like us to use, to queerintroverts@gmail.com.

  • our ask: take a leadership position in growing queeret across the globe. again, you're open to dedicating 2-3 hours per week to help grow the queeret community. this would be more online, than in person. :: sigh of relief ::

3. host a queeret gathering in your city.

we see you, closet ambiverts!

if you like organizing people, being a queeret host might be for you!

there's no need to do it alone, however. but if you’d like to, we totally get it.

we’ll provide you with some first steps + coaching to create our signature events in your city.

gatherings we'll help you host //

  • qalm // our signature monthly event

  • book qlub // get together with other queer introverts to discuss a book

  • storytelling // a night to share each other's stories

other ideas you're welcome to host //

  • go as a group to a yoga or meditation class

  • see a movie, then meet at a coffee shop to discuss it after

  • volunteer for a local organization or political campaign

  • you’ll be featured on your city’s dedicated queeret page on our website - you’ll also get access to edit that page.

  • our ask: commit to bringing together and creating spaces for queer introverts in your city. you’ll organize at least one event in your city per month and serve as the host.

let us know you want to get involved!

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