queeret // a global community for queer introverts
A global community for queer introverts.

queeret values - what we stand for

queeret is guided by values that help create space for queer introverts around the globe. Here’s what we believe, stand for, and try to live day-to-day.


what we value

  1. it’s a continuum: we believe each person falls along a continuum, with extroverts on one end and introverts on the other. people can even shift from one side to the other, depending on circumstances. therefore, we don't get too hung up on who is labeled what. as a queeret community, though, we create spaces and experiences that have introverts in mind.

  2. inclusive: bring all of who you are to any queeret event. it can be intimidating to attend an event when you're not sure how welcome you will be. our intention is to make every queeret event welcoming, heart-centered, and inclusive - lesbian, gay, bi, trans, women, POC, across class and ages. we also love our fellow queer extroverts, who show up in ways that we introverts do not. each of us has something to bring to the table, so there's no extrovert-bashing here.

  3. introspective: we believe in the power of thoughtfulness and going beneath the surface conversations of daily life. we seek to have intentional, meaningful interactions that remind us what connects us and makes us human.

  4. quiet, not silent: even though we're largely introverts, we believe in speaking up. we may not be the loudest voice, but we speak with courage. we believe in speaking up for ourselves and for others. telling our stories. advocating for others. making a difference in the lives of those around us. our events are easy on the senses, meaning they are perfect for introverts and high sensitive people (HSP).

  5. sober: some of us are sober, others are not. regardless, our events are free of alcohol and other mind-altering substances. except for endorphins, which are released when laughing. we strongly encourage laughter.